Herbert – Closed Beta Testing Signups

Hi Folks,

Quick Update for ya’ll.

The Herbert program is coming along swimmingly, and I am searching for up to 6 individuals to help me test him out before he launches for everyone.

If you’d like a refresher, you can read more about Herbert here: https://homesteadacademy.com/unveiling-the-future-of-the-homegrown-school-harnessing-ai-for-botanical-medicine/

To sign up you must meet the following requirements:

– You must have completed at least 2/3’s (>65%) of Curriculum the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine.
– You must have at least 50 combined topics/replies in the Student Forum (You can check this in the profile box on the left of the forum page)
– You must have been a student for more than 6 months.
– You must be willing to submit every conversation you have with Herbert to me for review (the whole point of the beta).
– You must have cursory knowledge of typing, web browsing, and good attention to detail.
– You must have a Desktop Computer with either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge Browser Installed.
– You must be willing and capable of setting a completely neutral and non-biased opinion and attitude towards the new tool so as not to skew interactions (for my data gathering purposes).

Please Understand that you are one of thousands of extremely talented and motivated students that would be so helpful to me for this project, but I am just one individual and during these early stages I can only manage and interact a small pool of Testers for this test-flight.

So, if you don’t get accepted right away, know that I love and appreciate your help and commitment, and it will not be a very long wait before you get a chance to chat with Herbert for yourself.

Please Fill Out the following form to apply for the Beta Flight:



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