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      I have had a chestcold (thanks to my grandson) that I was treating with a cold formula, but as it was heavly made with elderberry, I change herbs to the ones that called to me in the garden.

      Saddly my chest felt so much better and I was getting movement of the mucus…right into my ear as I slept. Didn’t even know that could happen. Woke up from the pain and put some oione jucie and at least was able to go back to sleep.

      Does anyone have suggestions on where to go from here??? Yes I went to the Dr. I’m now on antibiotics. 10 days to kill my gut 6weeks to put it back together.

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      Dr. Patrick Jones
      Homestead Instructor

        This is what I’ve always done for earaches.


        Don't use herbs or combine herbs with medications or use them during lactation or pregnancy without talking with your healthcare provider.

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          The “earache” link you shared took me to the home screen video “About The Homegrown Herbalist 
          School of Botanical Medicine”.  Within that video, you discuss Crampbark.  I’m new, just wanting to make sure that’s what you’ve always done for earaches as the video doesn’t specifically mention it, only the herb.


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        Ok, that was my newbie oopsie.  Although the link did take me to the homepage, the column to the left is all the schooling topics and that’s where the “Earaches” link was directing me.  I’m learning!

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