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      Below is the group picture I took on Friday evening during the herb walk at my house.

      I stopped by Patrick’s on the way home from work to coordinate the activities of the weekend seminar. I asked him how many he expected to show for that nights activity.

      “Oh, I would be surprised if we get 15 or 20.” he told me.

      I think his counting can now be classified along with his time referencing. :face palm 2: hehehehe

      Renee says this is more individuals visiting our home than we have ever hosted in total from our marriage. This is from ALL instances, not just one event!

      Welcome to our WILD YARD! How many do you see in the picture?

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      Dr. Patrick Jones
      Homestead Instructor

        Remember, there are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count…and those who can’t. 🙄


        Don't use herbs or combine herbs with medications or use them during lactation or pregnancy without talking with your healthcare provider.

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