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      For the past 20 years at least, I’ve had recurring thoughts that a decent microscope could come in handy after a zombie apocalypse. I’m thinking something in the $200 – $300 range with maybe a USB camera in it.

      I like to use a 30x jewelers loop to check things out sometimes to better see the nature of something, just so I can say ‘hey, that’s neat’.

      But, what kind of practical applications would there be for a microscope after zombies destroy the enterwebs?

      Looking for bugs in water samples is about all I can think of. But, if you filter or sterilize water before using it that shouldn’t be a problem. And, I don’t need another $2-300 boat anchor or paper weight sitting around.

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      Dr. Patrick Jones
      Homestead Instructor

        I am a scientifically and medically trained fellow that really likes microscopes. I don’t think one would be of much use to an untrained person in the apocalypse. They are fun though.

        Don't use herbs or combine herbs with medications or use them during lactation or pregnancy without talking with your healthcare provider.

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          If you like mushrooms you can measure and check spore shapes… Not Exactally dooms day practical.

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          Carol Rose

            I want to thank you for a funny reply but I can not find the Thank You button. Do you have a recommendation for Herbs for dementia?

            :scared: :crazy: Carol

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