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      This is a short video of my Leaf Cutter Bee setup. The bees line a portion of the cavity with leaves, gather pollen and make a small ball of it in the cell. Then they lay an egg on the pollen. The cell is then sealed with leaves. They do this 4 to 6 times for each cell. The first few are female. The next 2 or so are male. I do not know how the female makes that determination. Once the cavity is full she seals it with more leaves. The bee then goes through its life cycle in the cocoon that it makes in the fall.

      Under natural circumstances, in the Spring the bee finishes its cycles and emerges, males first and then the females. They need 70 degree weather to do that.

      What I will do is harvest the individual cells and release them at a time that I choose to, like when I have flowers that need to be pollinated.

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