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        This one is a new one for me. Someone dear to me was recently diagnosed with POTS after decades of not knowing what was going on. It’s not fatal, just makes you think you’re going to die.

        It’s a blood circulation disorder, and doctors can’t figure out if the brain isn’t sending the right message, the nervous system isn’t delivering the message, or the muscles aren’t hearing it. But the muscles don’t contract the veins when blood is needed in the head. When someone who has this disorder stands up quickly, gets overheated, or any other situation that requires the body to raise the blood pressure, the blood pressure drops drastically and the heart beat raises out of control to compensate. Dizziness results, and passing out is a possibility if the person doesn’t lay down immediately.

        Raising salt and water intake is the only natural treatment I can find. There’s no cure, but fortunately it’s not fatal.

        Does anyone have experience with this disorder, and know if of a natural treatment that could help?


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