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      I have issues with tinnitus, and sometimes my ears get very dry.   What is a natural thing I can do.   I have taken garlic capsules, and added the liquid to my ears, per my chriorpactor suggestion.

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        I read an article on long covid by Dr Bryan Ardis about using nicotine to recover the sense of smell and taste. His wife tried it and also lost all her tinnitus. Others have done it as well with the same great results. Don’t Google it or they’ll censor the search results – try DuckDuckGo for that. Hubby and I both have tinnitus, so we will be trying this technique to see if it resolves the issue. Good luck with yours!  What do you think Doc?

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          I would love to hear if this helps. I’ve been dealing with tinnitus for 10 years and nothing has helped.

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              Should be able to let you know if/how it worked in a week or two!

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          Dr. Patrick Jones
          Homestead Instructor

            I haven’t treated many tinnitus cases. There are lots of potential causes so sometimes the herbs work and sometimes they don’t. I used a formula I put together called Inner Ear & Balance. The formula is in the Brain, Nerve, Mind & Mood Formulas lesson.

            The Rezzimax Tuner sometimes helps with tinnitus too.

            Don't use herbs or combine herbs with medications or use them during lactation or pregnancy without talking with your healthcare provider.

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